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Our Journey began in 2011

Before TodaysGift existed, our founders noticed that companies were having difficulties to reach out to their clients before introducing a new product to the market. This sometimes led to products not being successful and ended up with big stocks in the stores waiting for buyers that would never come. The companies needed feedback before realising their products in order to turn this situation around.


We could make a difference

With years of developing many strategies for ecommerce, we knew we could make a difference in the companies results by aproching their products to the clients. We also had the goal of being able to present our customers with products that would be useful and fun, things that they couldn't get anywhere else for the same price. This was the starting point from where a new idea began to grow.

The gifts started to come

At TodaysGift, we are experts in building and keeping good relationships with suppliers all over the world, in order to offer the best possible Gifts to you. Many companies noticed that and started to reach out to us because they knew that we could all benefit from the association. Having TodaysGift as providers guaranteed them feedback about their products before sending them to fabric, we could get the gifts to give away to our customers and clients would have access to different stuff for free. A triple win!


The business of giving away Gifts

TodaysGift has the mission of giving away free products to our clients, but nothing in this world is completely free. Since we are only providers of the companies we work for, we can only guarantee the product, but we don't take care of the shipping cost. That's the only thing we ask to our customers. In return, you'll get a unique product that is not even on the regular market yet.


We moved online

With the increasing amount of people shopping online, and the benefit of cutting down the costs that a physical store and big stock would imply, the idea of giving away gifts turned into an online store. In 2016, Todaysgift.com started to run and is still running! During this past year the store managed to grow and is giving away free gifts in over 10 countries around the world, and going for more. The main goal for Todaysgift.com is to give its clients the personal and efficient experience that they would have in a physical store.

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